Your Tent Camping Comfort

The first thing you need to do is select the tent that is right for you. This may seem like a simple task, but it is a very important one that will make sure that your tent camping trip is an enjoyable one.

Make sure you pick out a tent that is well made and will stand up to years of use and will stand up to harsh weather conditions in case the weather should turn bad.

The size of the tent should be big enough to hold everyone that will be using it along with your clothing and any other gear you may want to keep in the tent. When the tent manufacturer states that the tent will sleep 4 people, it usually means that it is big enough for 2 people and their gear. It all depends on the level of comfort you would like to have.

Almost everyone when they first start out camping, start out tent camping. Here are some tent camping tips to help you get the most out of your tent camping trip.
Lets face it, if you have ever been camping in the dead of the summer, in a tent, then you know how hot it can be to sleep at night. Yes camping is great fun but, when it is 90 degrees outside at night, it can be hard to sleep with the humidity and the heat. Thankfully there is an alternative to the sweltering sleepless nights. Now you can get air conditioning for camping in a tent.

There are many tents that offer great ventilation, where the tent has many windows; to allow the air to flow freely through the unit. This works well if there is a breeze to cool things off but, what if the air is still and it is humid? Cooling the tent, to make the night comfortable is a breeze. There are many compact air conditioners that can cool the tent for hours, allowing you to have a relaxing nights sleep.

Many have an attractive compact design, which offers a whisper quiet fan with low power usage for an economical alternative to many portable air conditioners; that can cost hundreds of dollars. Some brands are portable such as the KoolerAire, with its 12-volt air conditioner that is not tied down with hoses, pumps or pads. This type of air conditioning for tent camping is very inexpensive making it affordable for most any camper.

When challenged with the task to beat the heat while tent camping, you have two options: evaporating cooling systems and air conditioning units. Most air conditioners for tent camping, remove moisture which is a common choice in the areas of the country that have a high humidity. A refrigerant model will cool room temperature in a tent by 30 to 40 degrees. When cooling a tent, you will want to follow a common rule of thumb: one ton of cooling (or 12,000 BTU) for every 25 to 150 square feet of space.

Here are some other factors that you may want to consider when making your choice for a tent camping air conditioner, in addition to the square footage of the tent to be cooled: where will the tent be placed, what time of year will you be camping and what time of the day will you be spending in the tent. For example, if you are camping in the middle of August on an asphalt parking lot, in between two buildings, you will need more cooling units then if you were camping on a grassy clearing in the evening in May. Full stand up tents can make a difference, as well as there is more room to cool, verses the tents that are shorter.

The second option for air conditioners for tent camping is the Evaporative cooling systems, which blow out a cool mist that will evaporate when it hits hot skin. These type of cooling units use ice to cool the air and they can put out more air then the typical air conditioners at a distance of 60 to 80 feet. This alone makes this a very cost effective unit to have. They are very inexpensive to use as they require less units to cool an area. These types of air conditioners can lower the room temperature, at best, down 10 to 15 degrees.

Camping in tent is a great way to get back to basics, but you dont have to suffer in the heat as well. Investing in an inexpensive air conditioner can make a world of difference for you and your family when camping. Just imagine being able to go back to the nice cooled off tent after a day of hiking and playing in the great out doors. You will feel more refreshed after a good night sleep and be ready to take on the next adventure.

Romantic Camping Holidays

Venice lays claim to be one of the most romantic holiday travel destinations in the world. This city is set in a beautiful lagoon, with winding waterways for streets.

However they arrive, visitors to Venice are staggered by the city’s architectural heritage, charmed by its vivid colors and entranced at its artistic wonders. They may also find themselves outraged at the avaricious rip-off prices in tourist hotspots like St Mark’s, stifled by the countless crowds and lost down a maze of claustrophobic side streets.


Venice is a glorious cliché, more romantic, more beautiful and more surprising than you could expect. No matter how many photographs or films you may have seen, it is still a jaw-dropping experience seeing Venice’s canals and palaces for the first time. That first cruise down the Grand Canal – punctuated by exclamations and photo-snapping – is one of life’s unforgettable experiences.

Venice’s quietest season is winter. You’re unlikely to find Venice empty of tourists at any time, but late autumn and the first part of the winter are the best times to come if you want to avoid the crowds and take advantage of Cheap Hotels in Venice.

And off the tourist trail, visitors can delight in the backwaters and picturesque byways. Venice’s intricate network of around 150 canals and 400 bridges is split into six districts, or sesistre. The city is unique in having no buses, cars, trams or taxis – only footpaths and boats.


For lovers of fine cuisine, Venice offers a wide selection of excellent restaurants serving delicious Italian food, as well as a choice of international cuisine. Pasta and pizza has never tasted more authentic than when eaten on the Piazza San Marco, in the shadows of the Basilica San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale.

Venice may be a glorious, glamorous cliché; its beauty may be faded and crumbling; the avarice of its inhabitants glutted by an endless stream of free-spending tourists but, no matter how many travel books you have read or photographs and films you have seen, a Venice holiday remains an awe inspiring experience. That first Venice vaporetto cruise down the Grand Canal will never be forgotten.

Advantages of Summer Camp

Children learn lot of things if they attend summer camps. Due to this they learn to respect and take care of parents. Generally parents feel very happy when their children return from camps because they learn to take care, learn the importance of giving, learn how to take a right decision and become more responsible. In camp, young people learn to understand the strength of mankind. When these young kids attend summer camps they develop social skills, build confidence, self respect and service skills. Social skills help them to develop their leadership skills, communication and participation. Other skills that they develop are responsibility, and resourcefulness. They learn to trust others. If your child can find a perfect summer camp, he will loads of friends, discover new things about him/her, do new things everyday. A summer camp spent in the mountains or woods can develop child’s awareness of the relationship between humans and nature. It is great fun to attend summer camps.Summer camps increases their self-esteem. They learn to look after themselves and the younger campers. Taking up responsibility, exceeding expectations help children to feel good about them. Kids learn to work together for a common goal and find their place within the team. When they complete their task successfully, each team member is rewarded and they learn to respect each other for their hard work. Regardless of race, religion or beliefs, kids live together and forget their differences and feel they are all the same. Through these accepted differences, tolerance becomes part of their life, a skill that is much needed in today’s world. A good camp enables the child a world where they are free from judgment. They are able to be exactly who they are without fear of ridicule. This enables child to explore new things, which will help they in gaining self-esteem. There are a wide variety of camps such as equestrian, ice hockey, oceanography or drama. Before choosing a camp, speak to your son or daughter which type of camp interests them. These camps help them to learn about morals and ethics.The summer camp benefit provides many benefits to children in terms of physical fitness, socialization and personal growth. Youngsters can learn new skills in summer camps from canoeing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding and the list goes on. Children learn to have fun and try out new things without their parents. These days you can find camps that specialize in computers or technology, adventure, travel, art, photography, drama and a wide range of sports. Even children’s who have certain disabilities and illness can join camps. These days, you can find camps that meet almost every child’s interests or needs. Childhood obesity is on rise, so it provides an opportunity for kids to move from their classroom work and get some fresh air and exercise. Camp brings your child in contact with kids from different schools, communities, and cultures. The benefits of summer camp are both immediate and slow to emerge. Children who attend camp develop connections with the world.

Southwest Airlines Carry on Rules

Southwest Airlines Co. is an affordable American airline, with its headquarters in Dallas Love Field, Texas. It is the largest airline in the world, with regard to its number of frequent passengers. It handles more than 3,200 flights everyday, and carries the most number of passengers than any other US-based airline, availing both international and domestic travel.

The Boeing 737 makes it majorly convenient for passengers to fly within the country, or away from it. Every airline company has their own set of rules when it comes to flying. Airline travel restrictions are what many of us are familiarized with, and which we further delve into here.

Carry on Rules for on board Luggage

Carry on luggage is what you can take with you when one steps into the plane, with certain carry on restrictions. These can either be handbags, duffel bags or mini trolley suitcases, but nothing larger than these.

At the security checks, your shoes will be inspected before you can fly. It is advisable to wear flip-flops/slip on shoes to avoid having to create a hassle in removing them and then placing them back on.

Luggage Durability
When buying luggage, make sure that what you decide to bring on board the aircraft isn’t heavy and is compact in size, due to the restrictions as per the airlines. The material should also be able to withstand any contents from spilling from within your luggage (most airlines do not allow liquids to be carried on board, but advise passengers to put them in suitcases meant for cargo hold), to avoid it from creating a mess in the overhead luggage storage compartment.

It can be carried in carry on luggage, as long as you have it in its original packaging. It is best to carry a doctor’s written prescription as well for what the medicines are for, to avoid security from confiscating these items.

Items That You Can/Cannot Carry
Jewelry, money, tickets, eyeglasses, passports, medicines and gadgets can be included in carry on luggage. Items that you cannot carry on board, are – creams, scissors, toiletries, flammable sources, liquids or anything that security may find dangerous or not advisable to carry on the plane.

Children Traveling
Children can bring snacks, games or books if they require them on board. Follow the rules for infants on board for safety measures and care. Depending on your child’s age, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow.

Labels on Luggage
Label your luggage with your name and address, which is advisable in case of loss of luggage, or misplacement of it in the airport. It is easier for the security to find it – also putting identification on the inside would prove to be helpful.

Metal Detectors
When coming through security checks, it is advisable to avoid having anything metallic in nature except for your cell phone and watch. Wear a belt without a metal clasp, or keep it aside in your handbag, and put it on once you’re on the plane. Keep anything else that is metallic in nature in your handbag instead.

Old Tags on Luggage
Get rid of old tags attached to your luggage, since security will need to know which city you are heading to, without being misguided by your previous trip’s tag. Also check tags once you arrive at the airport to confirm if it is your luggage that you are taking with you from the conveyor belt.

Foods and Perishable Items
It is advisable to put these in suitcases that will go into the cargo hold, to avoid security from confiscating items that they may find suspicious. Things like canned food, meats, liquor (check for how much is advisable to carry or if it is allowed) and so on, should be avoided.

Southwest airlines now allows pets to be brought on board, that is, dogs and cats in particular. If pets are brought as carry on, then an additional fee of $75 is to be paid as pet fare. Appropriate carriers are needed by passengers to house pets till the plane lands. Also the pets should be vaccinated and medicated prior to the day of travel.

There’s more to what Southwest airlines entail as part of their regulations; for more air travel tips go to their official portal simply called Southwest, for more tips and suggestions on how to travel smart. Flying is an experience of comfort that is stress free, wherein you follow simple rules of what you can or cannot do. That is where Southwest comes in, to make your trip a time of ease and convenience, avoiding any problems that you could face once on board.